Frameset links

  • Published: 2005-07-12 20:23
  • Modified: 2005-09-22 21:13
  • Author: TarquinWJ
  • Requires: Opera 8.0
  • Install as: Opera User JS

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If frames are disabled, many pages become inaccessible by displaying a useless message saying to enable frames again. In many cases, the frameset pages would work perfectly well on their own, but the page refuses to let you see them unless you enable frames. This script extracts the addresses of all pages in the frameset, and displays a list of links to the individual frames.

Additionally, it also creates links to the longdesc URLs of img, frame, and iframe elements, as well at the cite URLs of bockquote, q, del, and ins elements. These links are given the class 'citelongdesc' so you can style them with User CSS.

This script also enhances image maps by displaying a list of links when images are disabled.

(This script is designed to work even if 'disable script' is used to disable regular page scripts.)


  • v 2.1.1: Added support for image maps, so that they can be used when images are disabled
  • v 2.0.1: Fixed a bug that prevented the script from working