OpS - Opera input suggestion

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This powerful script enhances Opera by providing input suggestion (auto-complete).

How it works

Write anything you want in a text input field. The script will automatically save the content in cookies when you unfocus the field or submit the form.


  • Suggestions are displayed automatically,
  • Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down arrow to select the suggestion you want from the list.
  • Ctrl+/ to show all suggestions available.
  • Ctrl+Enter to accept the selected suggestion.
  • Ctrl+Delete to delete the selected suggestion from the list.
  • Escape to close the suggestions list.

Note: The script stores the suggestions in cookies, and as a result, these will be sent to the server each time you request a page. Because of this, we recommend that you do not write sensitive/private/important information. The cookie specification also restricts the suggestions to a total of about 3 KB of data per page.