ROBO Sticky

  • Published: 2005-10-29 21:42
  • Modified: 2005-10-29 22:51
  • Author: ROBO Design
  • Requires: Opera 8.0
  • Install as: Opera User JS

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This script allows you to add sticky notes to any page. These can be moved, resized, removed, minimised, and configured based on your own liking, and both the title and content can be edited. Any sticky can be set per domain (so it appears on every page on that site) or per page (by default), and can contain XHTML code. When you come back to the same page you'll find all of them in the same place.

This allows you to use your browser like a scrap book, annotating specific parts of the page, keeping reminder notes wherever you want.

To activate the script, simply double click on the page where you want to put the sticky note. Alternatively, you can also use one of these to create a sticky, allowing you to disable the double click feature if you want:

  • Bookmark this link, and click on the bookmark when you want to create a sticky: New sticky note
  • Drag this custom button to any of your toolbars in Opera: New sticky note
  • Edit your keyboard shortcuts, menus, voice commands or even mouse gestures. Just use the following action: Go to page, "javascript:void(;"

The script offers an awesome number of options to allow you to:

  • Choose if you want to be able to double click on the page to create a new sticky
  • Choose if you want to single click or double click to edit sticky content
  • Choose if clicking outside the sticky should automatically save your changes
  • Say if you want to be prompted to delete stickies
  • Allow either XHTML or plain text content
  • Say if stickies should always minimised, always maximised, or if each sticky's state should be remembered
  • Automatically minimise and maximise the sticky by double clicking on the title
  • Say if you want pages with the same path but different URL parameters should be treated as the same page, or define a list of parameters that should be ignored (so session IDs do not cause stickies to disappear)
  • Activate turbo-mode - it will not check for window boundaries when moving or resizing, but it will run faster on slow computers
  • Enable or disable the background image
  • Set position and size limits
  • Configure colour schemes, font sizes, and padding
  • Change the text used for the sticky so you can translate it into your own language

Note: The sticky note information is stored in cookies, and as a result, will be sent to the server each time you request a page. Because of this, we recommend that you do not write sensitive/private/important information in your sticky notes. The cookie spec also restricts the stickies to a total of about 3 KB of data per page.

To try a demonstration, see the author's page.